Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce advocates for the economic development of the Brooklyn business community by liaising with city, state and federal levels of government. Particular emphasis is placed on outreach to traditionally underserved demographics with a stated local objective.


Business Impact Surveys

Since the start of the health crisis, the Brooklyn Chamber has administered monthly business impact surveys to assess the on-the-ground situation of Brooklyn small business community.


The key findings in each survey have highlighted the need for grants and non-debt financial assistance, commercial rent relief and essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a need that is being met by our PPE grant program.


View the full survey results by month here.

Member Issues Surveys and Legislative Agendas

Each year, we conduct an annual membership survey about issues affecting the local economy and business environment. The information gathered from this survey helps the Chamber shape its positions on key issues, as well as prioritize its advocacy agendas to plan the annual state and federal legislative visits.


For example, in our 2019 Member Issues Survey, the top issues expressed were transportation, climate change, healthcare and workforce/small business development.

Legislative Agenda

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and its Government Affairs Committee meet with state and federal legislators during its annual legislative visits to Albany and Washington, D.C.


The team at the Brooklyn Chamber works closely with its Government Affairs Committee to identify and prioritize issues and legislation for the legislative agenda every year. The resulting annual publications are shared with elected officials and policy makers to influence city, state, and federal legislation.


The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has a proven track record of advocating for the business community at the local, city, state and federal levels of government. This is achieved through a tireless dedication to the economic development of Brooklyn, and regular interaction with elected officials. Our aggressive programming combines research, as well as government and community relations.

Community Relations

Through its various committees and working groups, the Brooklyn Chamber conducts strategic outreach to community stakeholders, including neighborhood-based organizations, local businesses, nonprofits, economic development organizations, and cultural organizations to establish partnerships. Particular emphasis is placed on outreach to traditionally underserved demographics with a stated local objective.


Legislative Trips

The Chamber organizes annual trips to Washington, DC and Albany, NY. As a member, you may be invited to join these trips to represent your business and your industry sector.

Small business policy

Small Business Policy

Advocating for laws and issues that affect our business community through events and meetings.


Public Testimony

Representing the voice of our member community in public hearings.

For policy and legislative matters please contact Camille Hastick - [email protected]