Thank you for your interest in the Brooklyn-Made Certification Program.

Brooklyn-Made is a points-based scoring system for certification of specific product lines tied to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Made

As baseline criteria, only legal businesses headquartered in Brooklyn making one or more categories of product development and manufacturing will be considered.

From there, the points-based system evaluates a range of manufacturing activities, including:

- Sourcing of raw materials
- Product design and development
- Product manufacturing and assembly
- Product packaging
- Product storage
- Location of employees
- Length of time operating in Brooklyn

Each answer is given a weight from which a total is calculated to arrive at either silver or gold certification. A company that 0-59% of their product(s) made in Brooklyn would be awarded silver certification, and a company that 60-100% of their product(s) made in Brooklyn would be awarded gold certification.

Please note, applicants with more than one product line (ex. a business producing soda, cookies, and jam), will need to complete separate applications for each product line. Applicants do not need to submit additional applications if the product to be certified is a variation of the same core product (ex. a business producing various types of candy, or various flavors of cookies).

Final determination of certification approval is done by the Brooklyn-Made Advisory Board, an independent review board established with the sole purpose of reviewing Brooklyn-Made Certification applications on a monthly basis. All businesses who submitted an application before the end of the month will be promptly notified upon certification decision by the end of the following month from the Brooklyn-Made Advisory Board.

Once awarded, the applicant will receive the silver or gold certificate and Brooklyn-Made logo which can be used on packaging for a period of one year.

Applicants do not need to submit any additional documentation with your application. All applicants are subject to a yearly audit performed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. If an applicant is found out of compliance, such applicant is automatically disqualified from participating in the certification for a period of one year following non-compliance determination.

Certification is subject to annual renewal and is valid for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the official approval start date. There will be a $500 one-time fee for non-members, and a $400 fee for members businesses. There will be a 10% discount on renewals.

If paying by check, please send application check Payable: Brooklyn Alliance- Should be changed to say If paying by check, please send application check payable to “Brooklyn Alliance” and contact Avi Leshes via email [email protected] or by phone at 718-875-1000 ext 105.

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Application for Certification

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