NYC Business Solutions

NYC Business Solutions

The Brooklyn NYC Business Solutions Center is a program of the NYC Department of Small Business Services and is run by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. This office offers FREE assistance for small businesses and individuals interested in starting small businesses. Please contact any of the below team members to inquire about the services we provide.


Services Offered:

Business Education Courses:

We provide free business courses and workshops. Learn how to develop your business plan, receive guidance on the right strategy for your business and so much more. We also offer courses in an array of languages including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Haitian Creole, Urdu, Bengali, and Arabic.

Click here for the full course schedule.

For questions, please contact:
Dina Rabiner at [email protected]

Business Planning and Operations Courses

REGISTER            Первый шаг к началу бизнеса, (11/30/2020) | Roman Solony

REGISTER             Creating a Business Idea, (12/2/2020) | Pat Warner

REGISTER             Building your Business Operational Plan, (12/3/2020) | Lloyd Cambridge

REGISTER             Health Insurance for Small Businesses, (12/7/2020)

REGISTER             Kreye yon lide biznis ki travay  (12/8/2020) | Malorie Moise

REGISTER             Human Resources for Small Business, (12/14/2020) | Pat Warner


Finance Courses

REGISTER             商业财务1:入门, (12/7/2020) | Peter Au

REGISTER             Business Finance 2, (12/9/2020) | Lloyd Cambridge


Legal Courses

REGISTER             Intellectual Property for Startups, (12/3/2020) | Chan & Hubbard

REGISTER             Small Business Partnerships, (12/8/2020) | Bradley Bailyn

REGISTER             Mind Your Business: What Entrepreneurs Should Know about Entities and Contracts. (12/11/2020) | Merlyne Jean-Louis


Sales and Marketing Courses

REGISTER            Reach Customers Online with Google, (11/23/2020) | Petia Abdur- Razzaq

REGISTER             Desarrollando una Estrategia de Marketing, (12/2/2020) | Liliana Carrillo

REGISTER             Developing a Marketing Strategy, (12/9/2020) | Nicole McGarrell

REGISTER             How to Personal Brand on Social Media, (12/10/2020) | Christina Medina

REGISTER             Search Engine Optimization, (12/18/2020) | Nicole McCullum


Guidelines for Reopening
REGISTER          Guidelines for Reopening Businesses Phases 1-4 in NYC, (12/4/2020)

Pro-Bono Legal Assistance:

Receive a free 30 minute legal consultation on business structure, commercial lease or contract.

Tondalaya London at [email protected]

Recruitment and Training Grant:

We provide employment screening to make strong matches for your company's open positions at no cost. The Customized Training program offers federally-funded grants to help NYC-based businesses train and retain their employees.

Frank Mitchell at [email protected]

NYC Women Entrepreneurs Fund Outreach Program:

Access loans of up to $1,000,000 at an interest rate of 3% APR to work on a project with a City agency or City-funded entity. If your business is working on, or hoping to work on, a project with a City agency or City-funded entity as a prime or subcontractor, you may be eligible for a Contract Financing Loan.

Manuel Maysonet at [email protected]


We assess your needs and identify financing options - we also help build your loan application. We work with all business types providing one-on-one guidance and connecting you to our network of 40+ lenders in NYC.

Stevenson Joseph at [email protected]

M/WBE Application Assistance:

Receive free assistance with completing the NYC M/WBE online application.

Tondalaya London at [email protected]

Regulatory Assistance:

Get help with licenses and permits and cut through the red tape with city agencies.

Stevenson Joseph at [email protected] 

Legal Assistance:
[email protected]

Financing Assistance:
[email protected]

Small Business Solutions Director:
[email protected]

NYC Women's Entrepreneurs Fund: [email protected]

Recruitment and Training:
[email protected]

Business Courses:
[email protected]