Press Release: Growing Local Support As ‘The Coney’ Reaches 10,000 Signatures of Support

August 23, 2023

Growing Local Support As ‘The Coney’ Reaches 10,000 Signatures of Support 

BROOKLYN, NY – The Team at The Coney has been actively engaging the Coney Island community for months and that grassroots work  is paying off, with the announcement that more than 10,000 Brooklyn residents have signed a petition saying:

“As a Southern Brooklyn resident, you support creating jobs and new economic growth by establishing a new casino and entertainment district in Coney Island. For decades, our community, our families and our small businesses have been shortchanged and we have been waiting for the year-round economic opportunities that this project will finally make happen. We urge our elected representatives and leaders to support this project and the jobs and career training for local residents that will develop into long standing, fulfilling careers in entertainment and hospitality.” 

The signers were overwhelmingly from Coney Island and South Brooklyn. The petition announcement comes after Brooklyn’s only bid announced The Coney would create 4,000 permanent gaming and hospitality jobs. In addition to the jobs created, there will be a local hiring preference to ensure the community around The Coney would benefit. To promote this, The Coney will actively recruit and hold job fairs within the Coney Island community. 

Robert Cornegy said: “We’ve seen a real groundswell of support for The Coney because Coney Island and South Brooklyn residents know that year-round good paying jobs, better public safety, investments in our students and more economic opportunities are good for this community. Grassroots engagement is our top priority and we’re going to keep going to meetings, talking to people and telling everyone about the benefits The Coney would bring to help revitalize Coney Island.”

The Coney’s grassroots engagement has been active since the beginning, attending meetings, going to NYCHA communities, canvassing stores, restaurants and other places of business and more. The team on the ground found lots of excitement and enthusiasm for The Coney – excitement that only grows as people learn more about the bid.