Press Release: Broadway Stages

September 21, 2023

Harmony Unveiled: WE ARE NATURE – A NYC Climate Week Event

BROOKLYN, NY / September 19, 2023 – Broadway Stages Ltd., New York’s premier full-service film and television studio production company, has made considerable investments in environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Together with their environmental and arts partners — Alive Structures, Growing Chefs, Newtown Creek Alliance, and NOoSPHERE Arts — Broadway Stages has established a green corridor that provides ecosystem and cultural services that are critical to the habitat.

“Our investments are intended not only to meet the growing needs of the film and television industry, but also to nurture the equitable prosperity of our community — economically, socially and environmentally — well into the future,” said Gina Argento, President, and CEO of Broadway Stages.

Early adopters of the green roof movement, today, Broadway Stages boasts over 100,000 sq. ft. of green rooftop infrastructure across its studios in Brooklyn. 

Highlights include the Eagle Street Farm, a fully organic rooftop farm, and solar panels generating 1.2 million kilowatts of clean energy. “We are proud to present the acclaimed Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof and Community Engagement Center. This iconic space not only houses NOoSPHERE Arts but also welcomes the esteemed Sol Kjøk, a collaborative arts partner and artist in residence,” Argento said.

Broadway Stages invites the community and public to join them for the momentous occasion as they come together for “WE ARE NATURE,” an official event of NYC Climate Week. This extraordinary gathering will take place on September 23rd, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, at 520 Kingsland Ave, atop of one of Broadway Stages’ facilities, a dedicated supporter of NOoSPHERE Arts for over two decades.

About Broadway Stages

One of New York’s premier film and television studio production companies, Broadway Stages manages over four million square feet of integrated space, including more than 60 soundstages, unique locations, production services, in-house lighting, power, and grip rental services, and over seven acres of parking throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.