Member Spotlight: Penelope

October 20, 2023

At Penelope, we’ve designed a retirement plan specifically for small business owners. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and we do most of the heavy lifting for you. Plus, business owners can enjoy some big tax savings. Reach out to schedule your free consultation today.

Brief Description of Business/Org
Penelope is a modern 401(k) company built specifically for micro-small businesses. We aim to empower everyone to save $1 million or more by retirement.

What made you want to start this business/org?
Jean Smart, Penelope’s CEO and founder, was inspired to start Penelope during the COVID-19 pandemic when she saw so many small businesses suffering. She is the daughter of immigrant small business owners, and she wanted to create a retirement account that could help people like her parents.

Why did you choose to have your business/org in Brooklyn?
Brooklyn is such an important center of small business commerce. Employers can help transform the lives of their employees, and their neighborhoods, by giving them the opportunity to build wealth for there future with a retirement plan.