Member Spotlight: Blankets of Hope

November 13, 2023

Make Brooklyn a Kinder Place

Interested in adopting a school?

There are schools right here in Brooklyn that want to spread kindness, but they need your help!

Schools like MS 582, MS 126, and PS 329 are all patiently waiting to receive funding to participate in Blankets of Hope.

To adopt a school in Brooklyn, please send an email to BOH Co-Founder & CEO, Mike Fio: [email protected]

What is Blankets of Hope?

Blankets of Hope (BOH) is an educational 501(c)3 non-profit.

Our mission is to inspire a global movement of kindness – 1 student & 1 blanket at a time.

We teach kindness in schools in NYC & beyond – empowering students to donate blankets & handwritten letters to people experiencing homelessness in their community.

How does BOH work?

BOH hosts free Kindness Workshops for over 150,000 students & counting.

First, we ship blankets to schools free of charge.

Then, students participate in our virtual Kindness Workshop:

  1. Students practice empathy by imagining the experience of homelessness
  2. Students practice kindness by attaching handwritten letters to blankets.
  3. Students practice mindfulness with a short loving-kindness meditation.

Finally, schools donate their blankets of hope to a local homeless shelter in need.

Since 2016, we’ve donated over 150,000 blankets of hope to those in need.

What is the “Adopt a School” Program?

The “Adopt a School” Program ****makes it easy for businesses to increase brand awareness by making a direct impact within their local communities.

By sponsoring a local school’s participation in BOH, you will empower students to deliver much-needed warmth to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

In return for your tax-deductible donation, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • Ready-made social media content to share their impact
  • 12×16” custom-made poster to display their impact
  • Ready-made press kit for securing local press

To adopt a school, please send an email to BOH Co-Founder & CEO, Mike Fio: [email protected]