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We can help your for free. We’ll help identify lenders and package your loan application as well as give you access to information to help you prepare for your loan. We offer loans through commercial lenders and community partners.

Financing Assistance

Brooklyn Alliance Capital


Brooklyn Alliance Capital, Inc. provides financing to under-served minority and immigrant entrepreneurs and low-income small business owners to increase financial stability and foster economic growth that will create jobs in Brooklyn.

Our federally certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) offers micro-loans of $500 - $5,000 to small and medium size businesses.

We Support Small Business, When No One Else Can

We created the Bring Back Brooklyn Fund in response to COVID-19 when we saw how many of our local businesses were being shut out of government loans. Through our CDFI, we will provide micro-loans of $500 - $30,000 to help local small businesses recover from COVID-19. Please note our campaign to raise funds for this program began on May 5, 2020.  Loan applications will not be available until the Governor has announced a timeline for economic recovery and re-opening of businesses.