JCI – Junior Chamber International

Host: JCI


Founded more than 100 years ago, JCI is the premier
organization for youth leadership and skills enhancement.

  • JCI rose from the conflict and aftermath of World War I, and is
    committed to our founder’s vision of everlasting world peace
  • JCI members have worked for a century to improve themselves
    and the world around them in tangible, practical ways

Young people are talented, dedicated and searching for opportunities
to make a difference in the world. Here’s how we help.

  • Amplify their skills to make them effective future leaders
  • Encourage them to solve problems through critical thinking and
    strategic partnerships
  • Give them access to a supportive global network of like-minded,
    enterprising young leaders and social entrepreneurs
    JCI members challenge each other to dream boldly and act thoughtfully,
    empowering each other to create positive and lasting change.
    JCI members carry out thousands of projects each year that
    invigorate business communities, provide new opportunities to
    people from all walks of life and give aid at a grassroots level.
  • JCI RISE is a global initiative fighting the economic fallout from
    COVID-19 through sustaining and rebuilding economies, workforce
    empowerment and finding solutions to promote mental wellbeing
  • Through initiatives, projects, trainings and a focus on leadership
    development, JCI boosts the abilities of individuals, who in turn
    impact their communities
  • JCI’s goal is the holistic personal growth of our members
    through Individual Development, Business & Entrepreneurship,
    Community Action and International Cooperation