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Good Help Services

Now more than ever, business competitiveness and viability rely on a strong, well trained workforce. We understand the needs of small businesses and their ability to attract and retain qualified workers. Our Good Help Program offers no-cost employment services. We assist businesses seeking immediate entry level and skilled employees by providing pre-screened candidates through our network of over 200 community based job training and placement organizations.


LevelUp NYC

Claim your career today with LevelUp NYC.

LevelUp NYC is here to help you build on the skills you already have! Connect with local training providers, employers and career resources powered by the SkillUp Coalition.

Learn more here: LevelUp NYC

"Good Help On-the-Go"

Good Help On-the-Go will bring direct employer services to the community. The goal of this initiative is to bring job search techniques and employability skills in the form of presentations to local jobseekers, which may not have access to local jobs. The presentation will cover all aspects of the interview process including but not limited to:

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Understand what employers are looking for
  • Resumé writing techniques
  • Job search resources
  • On-site pre-screening for our active job opportunities

Interested in taking advantage of our Good Help Services?

Please contact Kabreel McEachin at [email protected]