Scale for ClimateTech

Applications close December 4, 2023



Are you a Climate Tech innovator looking to commercialize your hardware product? Apply to join the 2024 Scale For ClimateTech (S4C) cohort! This NYSERDA-supported program is administered by SecondMuse and NextCorps.
Innovators receive dedicated support throughout their manufacturing process in order to gain confidence in their path to market and scale up production to meet demand.
Criteria for Applicants:
🌱A Climate Tech innovation that supports decarbonization.
🛠A works-like/looks-like climate tech prototype.
🏭An operational plan with demonstrated benefits to NY State.
💰Financial Resources ($100,000+) in accessible funds for product manufacturing and a TRL level of 4+.
Scale for ClimateTech Offers:
🧠Manufacturing Education
🤝Access to a Supplier Network
⚙️Tools and Templates
👍Technical Support
🌐Facilitated Partnerships within the Climate Tech Ecosystem

If you’re interested in learning more, please register for information sessions on Monday, November 20th at 10 am EST
or Tuesday, November 21st at 3pm EST.

Scale For ClimateTech (S4C) provides immersive training on manufacturing for climate tech hardware innovators, along with a team dedicated to making manufacturing easier — from mentors, experts in the field and product and packaging designers, to manufacturers, suppliers, and investors. S4C aims to scale-up the manufacturing and delivery of innovative climatetech hardware products and solutions to the New York State market in support of New York’s Climate Act goals and to foster and promote climatetech hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain development in New York State.
Each company receives access to dedicated mentors, entry into the New York State hardware ecosystem, Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) assessments from industry experts, a deeper understanding of GHG metrics and impact in their target market, customized roadmap development, and introductions to strategic partnerships, investors, and founder-friendly contract manufacturers to commercialize technology in New York State and beyond.
Scale For ClimateTech is funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and administered by two organizations — SecondMuse in NYC and NextCorps in Rochester, New York.