NYCHA Issues NEW Solar Solicitation

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has issued a solicitation for the installation of approximately 10 MW of community solar on more than 300 buildings across 21 separate NYCHA developments. The buildings are divided into six bundles, each ranging in potential capacity from 1.3 MW to 2.7 MW. Project developers may submit proposals for any number of bundles.

The Solicitation is being offered through NYCHA’s ACcelerating Community Empowered Shared Solar (ACCESSolar) program, which is supported by Sustainable CUNY. ACCESSolar seeks to connect community-based organizations with solar developers and other partners to create teams that will submit proposals addressing NYCHA’s goals for ACCESSolar: Community solar systems that benefit low-and-moderate income subscribers; job training and employment opportunities to NYCHA residents; lease payments to NYCHA host sites; and business opportunities for minority- and women-owned business enterprises in the solar industry.

An online Proposers’ Conference is scheduled for May 16th, with in-person site visits beginning on May 22nd. The deadline for proposal submissions is July 6th and anticipated awards will be announced in August. Additional information can be found on NYCHA’s ACCESSolar web page. All questions should be submitted in writing to [email protected]

As always, please contact a DG Ombudsman at [email protected] for assistance with your solar or ESS project.