The Brooklyn App

Brooklyn’s Premier Digital Marketplace


What Is The Brooklyn App?

The Brooklyn App is a new community-centric platform where people and businesses can connect and thrive. With exclusive events, services, savings, deals, rewards and experiences - there is something for everyone on The Brooklyn App.

When Is It Available?

The Brooklyn App is available on iOS and Android! Members of the Brooklyn App can access business software to host Events, Services, Meet-Ups and Social Content.

How Is It Used By Member Businesses?

The Brooklyn App enables member businesses to network, communicate, discover, participate in discussions, access education, book services, access exclusive member benefits and discounts, earn rewards, and promote their businesses to consumers and other businesses.

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The Most Convenient Way To Book In Brooklyn

Whether you are one of the 2.7 million people who live in Brooklyn one of the 15 Million people who visit here every year, you can discover, book and save on all the best local businesses and events on The Brooklyn App.


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