Meet the Borough Chambers

March 17, 2023

Bronx Edition 
Lisa Sorin 
President & CEO 
Bronx Chamber of Commerce

How did you get involved with the Bronx Chamber of Commerce? I have been engaged in the mission of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce for nearly 15 years.  First as an active member and Board member and later as Chair of the Board of Directors. During my tenure, we worked to develop the Bronx Chamber’s capacity and impact on the borough’s economic development.  When the previous President retired, I decided to take a more active hand in the organization and transitioned to becoming its President – the first woman and Latina to serve in that position in the organization’s history.  Since then, I have built a team, diversified programs and funding, built a diverse Board of Directors, and assisted in leading the Bronx through a global pandemic.

Why is it important for the Chambers of Commerce across the City to align and partner? The process of aligning our organizations transcends borough lines and puts business and entrepreneurial needs ahead of borough politics.  We are stronger together, and alignment on business services, advocacy, and funding priorities has strengthened New York City and increased our gravitas among municipal, state, and federal partners while communicating a strong pro-small business approach to developing our City’s economic development agenda.

What do you like most about your borough? Our people.  Our people are the reason for our work and bring the rich cultural, historic, and person-centered / business-centered needs to the forefront of the conversation.  In every corner of the Bronx, we have dynamic individuals, businesses, and institutions which create our unique energy, which is quintessentially Bronx and, when combined with our work ethic, unmatchable.

What is your favorite NYC sports team? It Is definitely the New York Yankees – clearly the response of any good Chamber President and New Yorker (I say in jest).

Did you ever spend any time in Brooklyn, and if so, what did you enjoy most about it? When my passport gets stamped I travel to Brooklyn! Brooklyn has some great gems.  Aside from its downtowns and waterfront park area, I enjoy finding small businesses off the beaten path and exploring new areas that I have never visited.  I also look to large projects like the Navy Yard and Industry City to learn from and pull ideas from to strengthen the Bronx’s economic development framework.